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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tasty Kids And Toddlers Meal - Mushroom Soup Macaroni With Fresh Mushrooms, Fish And Mixed Herbs

First marinate the fish slice with mixed herbs and some sea salt.

This is the type of mushrooms that I use. You can use any type of fresh mushrooms.

Once the pot of water is boiling, pour in the mushroom soup powder mix. I use Campbell's mushroom soup powder in sachet form. It's MSG-free. Stir well. Then dump all the shiitake mushrooms and fish into the pot. Cook for another 10-15 minutes. Add in 1-2 slices of cheese for a more cheesy taste (optional). When it's cooked, pour in the macaroni and mix well.

The macaroni / pasta / spaghetti can be cooked separately in another pot.

Once cooled down, store in small air-tight containers for deep freezing. These will be for Baby. Most of the time, rascal #2 will pinch 1/4 of it from her baby sister!

Rascal #1 and #2 enjoying their mushroom macaroni.

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