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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Can Any Employer Tolerate This Species Of Maid?

Other than being plain slow, I discovered that my maid loves to be a nosey parker and phat here and there when she does her work. Yesterday when I asked her to wipe the kids' toys, she sat on the floor playing with the gals' toys and reading their books! To someone from an ulu kampung (remote area with very little civilization), I think she has never seen such high tech toys that emit sounds and voices or interesting books. She was so engrossed reading the books that she did not even notice me staring at her! Yesterday, hubby brought home a liondance head for the girls. This morning, whilst I was busy preparing Alycia for school, she was at the living room playing with the liondance head!!! My mum saw it and asked her what she was doing. She just gave my mum her usual silly smile but I reprimanded her.

There was a pipe burst outside our house yesterday and water supply was cut off the entire day. When the water finally came back, there were lots of things to be washed and done. There were dirty pots and pans in the wet kitchen and loads of laundry to be washed. Water was also not boiled. Thinking that my maid will be very busy doing these chores, I went upstairs to help wash the 2 bathrooms. When I was done and came down, I saw my maid sitting on the floor watching my mum play with the gals. I was fuming mad and could feel my hot blood shoot up to my face and head. I gave her a piece of my mind telling her how could she have just sat there and relax whilst me being heavily pregnant got to wash 2 bathrooms upstairs. I bet no employer could take this kinda nonsense.
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