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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ingenuity Or Primitive?

I seem to have a pet peeve with my Cambodian maid. Sorry, just bear with my maid stories. Like what Sweet Jasmine has commented, I can even write a book on interesting maid stories, LOL! Guess what I saw my maid doing today? After she had cooked some noodles to eat with the fried chicken that we had bought her last night, she poured the noodles and chicken into a melamine bowl. She then sat on a stool to eat her bowl of noodles.... slurping the noodles away loudly and obviously enjoying her meal. Beneath the bowl was a dried mandarin orange peel / skin. She had used the mandarin orange skin as coaster to protect her hand from the heat. I really find this lady hilarious. On one hand, I think she was being ingenious to have thought of such an idea but on the other hand, it is really primitive of her to do such a thing at this day and age. I can't blame her as she told me she is from a real 'ulu' village where people there still use charcoal to cook and boil water.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

LOL! This is really funny :D

Annie Q said...

hahahahahhahaa..she is very creative ma..
Hey, when my maid eat she also make a big sound, like njoy her food very much, i always told her, eat with no sound! hahahahahhaa..me very bad!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Annie.... i also told my maid to eat quietly and with her mouth closed when we eat in restaurants and hotels, LOL!