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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Sherilyn

Happy birthday Sherilyn. Today you're 3 years old. Time really flies when everyone is having fun. In a little less than 2 months, you will soon be a cheh cheh (big sister) to your baby sister. Mummy and Daddy wish you good health, happiness and long life. May you be obedient to mummy and not so naughty.

If you read this post when you're old enough to know how to read, you will see how naughty you have been. You have always caused mummy heart attacks and heart stopping moments with your stunts and accidents. You never seem to fear pain and danger though you had many minor bloody accidents. 2 days ago, you broke your forehead when you climbed on cheh cheh Alycia's back for a piggy ride, fell and whacked your forehead on the sharp side of the wall. Blood was everywhere on your face and you scared mummy who was 7 months pregnant out of her wits.

Mummy and daddy love you from the bottom of our hearts Sherilyn. May God watch over you always and happy 3rd birthday.

You can read more on Sherilyn's birth here.


MamaJo said...

Happy Birthday, lil Sherilyn!! May GOD Bless you always and grow healthy and be obedient girl....

mama bok said...

Happy birthday.. Sherilyn..!! this is Mama BoK and Chloe from Canada.. ! when you are old enough.. i hope you remember .. that we are sending good wishes to you .. from the other side of the world.. and friends of your wonderful mummy..! Mamabok and chloe wishes you good health.. and happiness always.. ya.. :)

Vien said...

Happy Birthday, Sherilyn!

Mummy to QiQi said...

happy birthday to baby Sherilyn....adoi....so scared to see our baby bleed la :(

Annie Q said...

Happy belated birthday Sherilyn!