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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I've Had Enough

I've had enough of my temp. Cambodian maid. I called the maid agent today and told him that I can no longer tolerate her and asked him when my new permanent Indon maid will arrive. Now he is telling me that the new permanent maid may arrive only in April! I feel so cheated by this agent. When we selected the maid and paid the agency fee in October last year, we were promised that the new maid can arrive in January 08. Now, the bugger is telling me end of Feb, then March, now April! I won't be surprised if she will never arrive and I have to keep paying RM800 per month for a rejected and incompetent maid.

Anyway yesterday and today, this super blur Cambodian maid of mine really made my blood boil. She never seems to remember things though she has to do the same chores every single day. Yesterday, she had forgotten to turn off the water faucet again and left the water flowing out at full blast for 3-4 hours until we went upstairs to bathe the kids at 9pm and discovered it. She also left the kettle cord attached to the wall socket with the switch turned on and no kettle attached to the cord. I can't imagine what would have happened if my kids touched the dangling cord and this is not the first time she has done such a careless and dangerous thing. I was so mad with her that I have threatened to cut her salary and send her back to the agent. Last night, I told her to watch the kids when I brushed my teeth but she gave me another heart attack when she played catching with the kids and Sherilyn knocked her cheek on the air purifier machine and had a slight cut on her cheek. Her right cheek is now bruised and she really looks like an abused child now - a bandage on her forehead with a cut and bruised cheek.

My maid agent told me that he will send me another rejected maid (from Indon this time) next week. I have no confidence in this agent anymore and I can only pray that whatever it is, my next maid will be good.


Elaine said...

which agent is this? Taking so long for a new permanent maid to arrive? Have you gone through the selection process and they submitted your application?

Sweetiepie said...

Hope your new maid is a good one.I feel heartache when i hear your girl get hurt.Poor baby :(

Annie Q said...

Poor girl! So heartache to see another small cut on her face.

I think now most agencies are like that, always push push push. Unless really can find a good agent. Mine also from 1 month to 2 to 3 end up only come at the 4 months!!

Hope the new temp maid will be better than this one.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Elaine.... the agent is Alycia's classmate father. According to the agent, he is now waiting for the maid's passport to be approved.

mama bok said...

Poor you.. :(
very "shiong" like that..!