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Friday, February 22, 2008

Practise Makes Perfect

Alycia finally knows how to write her name and all the numbers from 0 through 10, though some strokes are not correct and some are quite out of shape. I must thank my mum for being so patient coaching her everyday. The heavy load of homework from her pre-school also helps as there have been lots of exercises on writing from school everyday. While her writing has improved, she really needs to get down to do some exercise in the evening. Her evenings are now bogged down rushing to complete the homework from school which is quite unhealthy for a 4-year old toddler. I may ask her teacher to reduce the homework so that she has time to play and exercise in the playground.

1 comment:

Shern's mom said...

good job Alycia. she's only 4 and she's doing so well. My 6 year old nephew also comes home with lots of homework everyday, i think kids nowadays are so stress-up, even in preschool.