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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Have You Been Drinking And Gambling Excessively This CNY?

I see many of my friends take the opportunity to indulge themselves in boozing, gambling and just be merry for 15 days straight during Chinese New Year. Thank God my hubby doesn’t like any of these stuff and even if he partakes in them, it is merely to entertain his friends. It’s alright to partake in these activities once in a while moderately as long as they do not become a part of your lifestyle and they do not interfere with your life and affect your family. Any activity that becomes excessive eventually turns into an addiction. When you are addicted to something especially drinking, gambling and drugs, they ruin not only your life but that of your loved ones and the only way to break free from these addiction is to get addiction treatment professionally. I hope you have not been drinking and gambling excessively this Chinese New Year, have you?

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