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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Disney Swimsuit

Daddy bought us a new Disney swimsuit with a picture of Minnie Mouse together with a pair of goggles and a matching swimming cap with Minnie Mouse on it last week. Mummy said no need to wear swimming cap as it would make us look old but daddy was very insistent in getting us a cap so that the goggles would fit nicely on our heads without our hair everywhere on our face.

Daddy did not like us to wear bikinis when we swim as he said bikinis are cute but not wind-proof and he didn't want us to catch a cold. So he bought us each a Disney swimsuit though they were very costly. We really love daddy as he is always so cool and willing to buy us anything that we want..... but mummy is not too happy as he feels daddy is a tad extravagant and spoiling us rotten.

Mummy thinks the Disney swimsuit with frilly skirt looks like a professional skater's costume. She even feels we can wear the swimsuit to the shopping mall as it looks like a dress. Do you like our Disney swimsuits?

I had a fall and a bandage on my forehead, so mummy said I can't pose with the swimming cap on.
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