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Friday, February 29, 2008

Final Ultimatum

Bear with me ok, here's another long ranting on my pet peeve....

Yesterday evening, my maid agent dropped by my house to counsel my Cambodian maid. After the counseling session, my maid appeared even more dreamy, forgetful and now she even puts on a 'hak meen sun' face (black face). The whole of this morning, she gave me a blank look as if physically she was here but her mind was somewhere else. When she was feeding Sherilyn breakfast this morning, she fell asleep and I had to wake her up! Minutes later, her eyes were fixated at an object and she was oblivious to the surroundings (fatt ngau tau).

Next, she was keeping the clean laundry from the clothes hanger outside and left the clothes in the living room whilst she hung out the wet laundry. Sherilyn then began to play with the clothes and scattered them on the floor. When I picked the clothes up, I was shocked that most of the clothes were still damp. When I asked her why she had kept the clothes as they were still wet, she gave me a blank look. By then I was really pissed off with her. I had to check the clothes piece by piece to single out the wet ones. When I asked her to touch the clothes herself and asked her to tell me if they were wet or dry, she just shoke her head slowly as if telling me the clothes are dry! She appeared really blur and 'moa sum kei' (lack of enthusiasm and zeal to work) and I really felt like shaking her shoulders to wake her up from her dream. I asked her to be frank with me and to let me know if she wanted to continue working for me and she said yes. I counseled her and told her to buckle up.

Just a moment ago, my maid, Sherilyn and I were upstairs in my room. My maid was changing the bed sheet and I was in the toilet. When I came out from the toilet, I realized that Sherilyn, my Miss Accident Prone had gone out of the room, jumping away and running down the stairs. My blur maid was dreaming away, obviously very oblivious to the surroundings and did not even notice that Sherilyn had opened the door and ran downstairs. I gave her a piece of my mind and told her that if she does not buckle up and keeps dreaming and being forgetful, I will send her back to the agent. I was very frank with her and told her that the agent has offered me a new replacement temp Indon maid but I chose to give her a chance to turn over a new leaf. I will give her one week to change and if she shows no improvement by next Friday, I will send her back to the agent and this time, I really mean it as I can no longer tolerate her.
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