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Saturday, February 2, 2008

From Terrible Twos To Terrorizing Threes

Sherilyn is gradually graduating from her terrible twos phase to 'terrorizing threes' phase. Over the past 2 weeks, she is terribly rebellious, disobedient, bossy, whiny and plain uncooperative with me and our new temp Cambodian maid. I wonder if she's having withdrawal symptoms coz she started behaving like this ever since her beloved kakak Su returned to Indonesia.

Sherilyn is really getting on my nerves and my pregnancy hormones are not helping me to be patient either. She can really irritate me to the core. Talking to her in a nice tone does not help for she doesn't seem to be listening when mummy is talking nicely to her. She seems to fall on deaf ears each time I asked her to do something - washing hands, stop climbing, stop hitting, come here, take your bath, etc. She even deliberately does things that she knows I hate just to irritate me. Even yelling at her does not help. It seems her brain is only wired to obey when she hears the dreaded words "cane is coming" from my mouth. At times, she does not even fear the sight of cane and it's only when the cane lands on her hand that she will listen. Today I got so irritated with her disobedience that I just blurted out "you are so naughty. I am going to give you away to the garbage man". That managed to scare her a tad bit. I know it's just so wrong to say such negative things to a 3 yo toddler but I just can't help it coz she just won't listen and she's really irritating me to the core and driving me insane.
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