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Friday, February 1, 2008

Gurney Drive Food Court @ Gardens

We had lunch at Gurney Drive Foodcourt (the foodcourt looks more like a restaurant) at Gardens on Monday. We were all very satisfied with the food that we ordered. There were much more choices than Little Penang Cafe at Mid Valley.

We ordered :

Hokkien sytle prawn vermicelli (tasty)

Fried kuay teow (tasty)

Asam laksa (tasty)

Ice-kacang (I prefer the one at Little Penang Cafe where the ice-kacang has Sarsi syrup and freshly cut bananas)

Fried omelette with fresh oysters (nothing special)

Nasi kandar - this is really very tasty. There are 2 types of nasi kandar - seafood set and chicken with fish set. We ordered the seafood set. I will definitely order this when we go to this food court/restaurant again.

Alycia and Sherilyn had fried rice which was also very tasty. We also ordered a rojak which I found to be too sweet and a mamak mee for our maid (tasty). The 'sar lei' fruit (is it called umbra? Sar Lei is a green color fruit grown locally and is very sour) juice was also very refreshing.

We will definitely patronize Penang Gurney Drive Foodcourt/Restaurant again to try other food and will surely order the nasi kandar again.

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