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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Blood Boiling Moments

This morning, I gave instructions to my maid to boil sweet corn, carrot and chicken soup. I told her to keep an eye on the pot of soup from time to time and to make sure that the flame is not too big, else the soup will seep out from the pot. I was also checking the pot of soup myself for a while. Later I went up to have my shower and to get ready to go to my Ob&G's office for my 30th week check-up. When I came down and checked the pot of soup, I was boiling to see the pot of boiling soup without anymore soup inside. My forgetful maid has forgotten to check the pot of soup and there's no more water inside the pot! What made me really angry was that she was eating her lunch in the wet kitchen next to the boiling pot of soup, yet she can forget all about it.

I have been telling myself to be patient with her but the things that she does, her carelessness and absent-mindedness really wear my patience thin. How can she forget that there's a pot of soup boiling in the wet kitchen? And it's quite an expensive pot of soup as I've put one whole chicken inside with organic sweet corns. I told my maid off and reminded her once again not to be so forgetful. I really felt like a nagging old lady having to say "please don't be so forgetful" throughout the day. I then added some water into the pot and boiled the soup again. The soup is quite tasteless now, what a waste! Tomorrow, I will teach her to boil soup using the crockpot instead.
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