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Monday, February 25, 2008

More Rantings On My Super Blur Maid

I really need to rant and rave about my super blur and dreamy Cambodian maid again. I don't fancy most of the posts in my blog to focus on my maid but I really need to rant out the silly things that she did that really drive me nuts..... everyday without fail. I really don't understand how her brain functions and just can't believe she is so terribly forgetful. Last night, I had given her specific instructions to remove the pork from the freezer early this morning to prepare soup.
This morning, when she wanted to throw the pork into the basin of hot water to clean them, I just had a guts feeling that she had taken the wrong bag of pork. So I asked her to read out to me the 'identification label' I had pasted on the plastic bag. She then read the label.... "pork for frying".... then gave me her usual silly / guilty smile again and gave me a silly excuse. I was really mad with her coz not only had she taken out the wrong type of pork again but she also took out 2 packets of pork instead of 1 packet. I told her that it would defeat the purpose for me to label the meat if she doesn't read the labels. She has been working for us for more than 1 month and she's been doing this almost everyday yet she can go wrong. I was mad coz now the meat was already half defrost and it is not advisable to re-freeze them again. Also, she had to defrost the correct bag of pork now to make the soup and more time will be wasted.

I wonder why she's so terribly forgetful, careless and blur. When she works, she gives me a blank look, as if her mind is not with her. Sometimes, I feel like giving her a good shake on the shoulders to wake her up.
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