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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sherilyn Is Beginning To Like Our New Maid

and that's because our new Cambodian maid really took the effort to break the ice by being playful with her. Though our maid is a tad slow in her work and looks clueless and really blur, what I like about her is that she is very patient with the kids..... and the girls have taken advantage of this and are bullying her.

The girls are really taking advantage of the maid's patience and good temperament by making her carry them all the time, like a baby... sometimes asking her to carry them both at the same time and that's something which I forbid coz my maid is stick thin and looks feeble.... and if she falls, all 3 of them will be hurt, especially the girls.

Playing time aside, Sherilyn still refuses the maid to feed her and will turn her head sideways or shut her mouth tightly and refuse any food being put into her mouth. She will also act up and would deliberately do naughty things whenever the maid bathes her, just to avoid the maid touching her.

Alycia and Sherilyn playing 'catching' with their new kakak.

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