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Friday, February 29, 2008

Tony Roma's Ribs

We went to Tony Roma's Ribs Restaurant @ Gardens, Mid Valley last week to bring my mum to taste one of the best beef ribs we've ever tasted. I also wanted to redeem this :

an onion loaf. On Alycia's birthday last December, we had lunch at Tony Roma's restaurant at the Pavillion outlet. We were given a voucher to redeem an onion loaf the next time we order a main course. The onion loaf was quite huge and anyone would feel bloated after chowing down the entire loaf. The onion loaf is made of huge onion rings deep fried with batter. Quite tasty but the most I can eat is only several pieces as they fill you up really fast.

The delicious beef ribs.

Hubby ordered a blue cheese burger. For a cheese lover like me, I was surprised that I hated the blue cheese. It really tasted like baby's regurgitated milk.... no joke! One bite of the burger sent nausea down my guts. Hubby asked me to scrape off the cheese which I did but the pungent baby's vomit taste was still lingering on the burger. So if you think you love cheese and want to order a blue cheese burger, think twice. However, some people may love it, just like how some people think 'chow tau fu' (fermented smelly beancurd) taste heavenly.

We ordered a grilled salmon with buttered rice for the gals,

and a ribbon shaped seafood pasta. The portion was so huge that we could not finish and had to pack it back for dinner.

My maid had forgotten to pack the bibs into the bag. Luckily Tony Roma has huge plastic bibs for diners.

Sherilyn enjoying the hot buns with garlic butter. You should try their garlic butter - very tasty.
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