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Monday, February 4, 2008

Will I Turn Into A Haggard Ah Soh Soon?

This morning, hubby could not fetch Alycia back from school as he was busy. So I walked to Alycia's pre-school with Sherilyn and my maid in tow. After picking Alycia up, I held Alycia's hand on my right and Sherilyn's hand on my left as we walked slowly by the shoulder of the road. Sherilyn didn't want my maid to hold her hand. As I was walking back to my house panting away, I visualized myself with 3 kids, which will happen in 2 months' time. I visualized myself being a haggard mother of 3 young kids, with messy long hair, sagging big boops as a result of breastfeeding, no make-up on my face and wearing worn out clothes walking Alycia and Sherilyn back from school with my newborn baby clutching on to my breasts as I put her in a sling across my body. Gosh, I could almost see how I would look like in a few months' time. I think I would look like an Ah Soh with 3 kids, a 'wong meen por' and no longer the slim and attractive sweet young thing who doesn't even look like she's got 2 kids. I better make sure this won't happen to me. Being labelled an Ah Soh is the last thing I ever want to hear. I better make sure I can find some time to exercise everyday so that I can still look fit and slim once again.
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