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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Driving Me Bonkers

My blog is driving me nuts. There is something seriously wrong with either Blogspot or my computer. Each time I try to perform a task like edit a post, click on a link, click on the permanent link, etc. my computer will 'hang' and I have to log out from Blogger and log in again. Then an error message will appear. It is slowing down everything and wasting so much of my time. I hate this downtime. I am already so pressed for time everyday and with a technical glitch like this, I can really go bonkers. I bet myself when I publish this post, my computer will 'hang' again. Aarrgghhh.......


Mommy to Chumsy said...

have you tried scanning your pc for virus? or maybe you have used up a lot of space lately :D

Cherry said...

It's definitely your computer and it sounds like a memory problem.

Try these:

1. Open C: Windows / Temp
Then delete all the files there except the one that you can't delete (it will tell you). Don't worry they are just temporary files which clogged time over time

2. Open your local document folder it's C://document and setting/my username/local setting/temp
And delete all the files in temp too.

Cherry said...

Forget to say:

Don't delete the temp folder but delete all the files inside it.
Dont forget to flush all the deleted files from your recylce bin

Then when you have time run a disk defragmenter (Program - Accessories - System Tool). Just click analyze and defrag. It takes around 4 hours though.

Hope this helps.