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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fun With Bubbles

My gals are balloon and bubble crazed. Recently, the gals' koo koo (youngest sil) bought them an ELC battery-operated bubble maker from Hong Kong and they had so much fun playing with it. Even I find the bubble maker amusing. I normally bring them to the park to blow bubbles so that they will not dirty the floor of our porch but yesterday, I was too lazy to bring them to the park, so they played at the porch and dirtied the floor with soap. But it's ok, we parents cannot make rules so rigid at times, else our kids will not have an enjoyable childhood. It's really nice to see Alycia so happy shooting bubbles from the gun whilst Sherilyn chasing after them.


Anonymous said...

Hi HFM--I'm always amazed at how much children love making bubbles. Now that is truly a bubble maker you have there (Laugh)!

Sasha Tan said...

ooo so nice. i wanted to get one for jayden but i'm worried that he will end up chasing the bubble and soapy water will end up going into his eyes.

Shern's mom said...

shern goes gaga over bubbles too. but he no longer gets to play them until he gets a lil older. the other day, he dipped the bubble stick into the bubble and straight into his mouth in a split second. i then keep pourin water into his mouth to clean it. pheeew..

undiscovered gryl said...

That's nice..!! i love all your plants... in your garden..!!

jazzmint said...

oo..cool toys...at least don't need blow till siao