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Thursday, August 30, 2007

What A Bummer

One of the things that upset me a lot is when the water supply to my house is cut off. This week itself, the underground water pipes near our house burst twice, once 2 days ago and this morning, they burst again. This happens very frequently at our housing estate as it is an old housing estate. Each time it happens, the water supply to our house will be cut off for at least half a day and we will not be able to do anything - from taking our baths to cooking, washing the clothes, washing the dishes, cleaning the house, flushing the toilets, etc. I just hate this situation when we are all left dry and dirty. When the water is finally back, needless to say, the water will be murky like teh tarik (pulled tea with milk) and this will last for at least 3 days though we have a huge water filter in our garden. Our clothes will be stained when they are washed in the washing machine and I dare not even wash my face or rinse my mouth with the teh tarik colored water.

I'll be going out now to the RO water-dispenser across my house to buy some water. I just hope there is still some water left for us to buy. What a bummer!


Mommy to Chumsy said...

i know how you feel. really frustrating especially when you have 2 children at home. Luckily there is a RO water dispenser across your home.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 stainless tanks here at home in case of water disruptions. Maybe you can consider having your own reservoir too.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Girlie... i've considered the s/steel tanks before but then again, i dont live in a mansion, so no place to put the tank, hah!