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Monday, June 4, 2007

Sherilyn Has Swollen Lymph Nodes

We just came back from the paed's clinic. My poor baby Sherilyn's lymph nodes on her right neck, just below her jaw are swollen and infected. She has also been having gluey yellowish-greenish goo on her right eye for the last 3 days and I thought she was just plain 'yeet hei' as the chinese say it or heatiness in her body coz she had been eating quite a bit of durian, biscuits, corn flakes and pan-fried tempeh lately. I am also having a strep throat and slight runny nose with phlegm and I guess Sherilyn must have gotten the bug from me.

Careless mummy me didn't even notice the swell in her glands near her neck until daddy felt it last night as he was cuddling her while reading to her. When I touched it and felt a lump there, I really felt a big lump in my throat, so did DH. Being the wimp in us whenever health issues affect our 2 precious daughters, we were actually quite worried, more so as the swell is on the lymph nodes in her neck. All sorts of morbid thoughts came flashing through my mind and I am sure DH's too, coz I could see he was just as worried but just put on a "nah.... nothing to worry wan" look on his face.

The paed said Sherilyn's lymph nodes are infected and if we brought her to the clinic a few days later, the lymph nodes could get inflamed and then more invasive medical treatment is necessary. The lymph nodes got infected as they were trying to fight off virus from invading the body. She also has URTI (upper respiratory throat infection) and antibiotics (Augmentin) is needed to treat it. She was also given an ointment for her eye and allergy medicine for her nose.

As Alycia has also developed a slight cough this morning, she was also given an allergy medicine for her nose. Both the gals have sensitive nose and get nose allergies easily, or so said the paed. The total bill came up to RM140. Cost aside, DH and I are both relieved that Sherilyn's swollen glands are nothing serious.


cairo's mommy said...

aiks swollen nymph nodes also? i totally get how u feel la!

i got a scare of my life during cny cos cairo had like 6 big ones between the back of her head n the nape of her neck :s

paed also diagnosed it as caused by virus fighting and shoed us away w a bottle of medicine. took about 5 days to subside.

so dont worry, they'll be fine :D

Health Freak Mommy said...

Cairo's mom... tks 4 the reassurance & 4 sharing ur story.

chinnee said...

hope your gal is ok. Qiqi has got one big one too, one her left side of her neck. can even see with eyes. brought her to pead, but he say it is nothing. so we just leave it lor..

Health Freak Mommy said...

Chin Nee... ur paed didnt give qiqi any med 2 reduce the swell on the lymph node?

Big Pumpkin said...

Oh...hugs. I know the stress. There was once when Tee was sick and whilst waiting for results, one of the possibilities was leukaemia! Her grandparents were crying before the results even came out. Get well soon, all of you. Drink lots of water/barley and rest....

Health Freak Mommy said...

Big pumpkin... tks 4 d wishes. We r indeed drinking lotsa barley.
I can imagine what u went thru when u were waiting 4 Tee's med results.

mama bok said...

One can never be too careful with kids ya. I tell PB all the time.. but he always say.. she is alright..!

AKIMMO said...

My baby has a swollen lymph right under her right ear and is quite big and it got bigger just in few days after she got chicken pox.It started about 2 months ago.One can easily see it with a naked eye.
I went to show it to the dr who asked to give her Augmentine 3.5ml every eight hours.Please tell me that its nothing serious.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Akimmo... swollen lymph nodes is quite common in kids and also adults whenever we are down with fever, flu or an infection. The lymph nodes actually filters all the virus. You have to monitor your daughter's swollen lymph node closely. I think it got swollen because she had chicken pox. The swollen lymph node will not subside overnight or in days. The one on my gal's neck took many months to subside. We even brought her for an ultrasound scan.

If you are worried, you can bring her for an ultrasound scan after she has recovered from her chicken pox.